What we offer


We offer a pathway to financial, ecological and social well-being by making it easier for you to ‘manage holistically’.

In turn, it is true that people who are managing holistically are improving the well-being of their own country, reversing degradation and improving profitability.


They are choosing greater profits derived from increasingly healthy land that is under management by people like you, who love what they do.

Change takes a little while to occur
In this era of ‘instant gratification’ it can be frustrating when change isn’t instantaneous, and of course the necessary biological changes don’t happen overnight.  It takes a while for the biology to kick in, and for the humans to get comfortable with the new processes they are adopting.  

During the transition and beyond, people like to have support.  That’s what this site is about.  Here are the key elements of that support.

The Forum
For years now, a really active forum been one of the most needed support mechanisms for people managing holistically, but it hasn’t existed anywhere.  We reckon that it’s time has now come.  Our forum is accessible by anyone in the world.  It is important because it is a safe place, where interested and engaged participants from around the world support each other in a caring and trusting environment.

We encourage everyone to constantly use the forums as they become more confident and competent holistic managers.  We are constantly monitoring each topic, ready to respond.  We know that the more everyone uses the forums, the more that people will use them.  Like any living organism, they will grow exponentially when used.

How we communicate
The site unashamedly depends on the internet.  We have taken great pains to make it usable where internet connections are slow, because we know that even in advanced nations like Australia, there are still slow connections.  Through a combination of internet and telephony, we expect that people from around the world will be participating on this site, and making the experience all the richer for everyone.  In addition, we will be rolling out a range of supporting services delivered by qualified trainers and educators.

The site layout
We have broken the site into four main areas or levels of participation, which are colour-coded as Blue, Green, Brown and Gold.  You will notice our new logo, where the brown represents the soil, the green represents plants and the blue represents the sun and the sky.
  • Gold is the entry level.  There is an impressive and expanding range of free resources.  Videos are supported by audio recordings, and there are downloadable transcripts of all the key points.
  • Brown participants access the principles and practice of managing holistically, and holistic financial planning. Every step is supported by video and audio descriptions.  The section is heavily resourced with new approaches to defining your economic whole and forming your holisticgoal.  

Supporting the fundamentals is a complete approach to holistic financial planning, including your own copy of the holistic financial planning process.  Whilst developing a holistic financial plan you are supported by a comprehensive array of step by step video coaching.  There is a downloadable “Quick start” analysis, where you can rapidly check this year’s plan for movement towards your holisticgoal.   

By no means least, you have access to monthly webinars.  We expect that the content of the webinars will be driven by participants, especially by what we see happening on the forums, which we will be observing closely.  We will be introducing additional guest speaker resources to strengthen the overall support for the forums.
  • Green participants access huge array of resource material underpinning the ecological thinking and procedures used when managing a land based enterprise, holistically.  Included are comprehensive, step by step videos that assisting people develop and implement their land and grazing plans (including software that does the grazing planning calculations for you).   

We have an entirely new, regional monitoring procedure that we will be rolling out over the next few months as part of an enhanced, locally focused support network.  And of course, Green participants enjoy all the Brown benefits as well.

  • Blue participants enjoy monthly unlimited email and phone access to Bruce Ward, twice yearly farm visits by a recognised facilitator, who will assist you with your planning processes.  In addition to enhanced webinar support, you also gain entrance to the annual Masterclass that we will shortly be introducing.  Of course, Blue participants have access to all of the Green and Brown resources as well: the full energy of this powerful site.
Join us and participate in this exciting progression in restoring your land, regenerating communities, and above all gaining back control over your business by creating true profits.  Holistic Results offers just that, holistic results to land managers.

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